IAM Argicultural Machinery, which has been the distributor of Strautmann machinery in Ireland since 2000, will be bringing a range of the manufacturer’s diet feeders to the Ploughing, including the Verti-Mix 1251 which is equipped with a straw blower.

The straw blower has the ability to blow straw up to a distance of 20 meters.

The mechanical straw blower is optional on all Verti-Mix models offered. Its spout is mounted on a ring gear, giving it the ability to swivel left and right by means of a hydraulic motor. The blower has the ability to blow up to 20m to the right and 15m to the left.

New V-Conveyor

The German manufacturer has recently introduced a new V-Conveyor discharge system to the Verti-Mix range. This gives operators the ability to feed into high troughs while keeping the conveyor system within the width of the diet feeder thanks to its design. The twin-motor hydraulic V-Conveyor system can be set to increase discharge height by up to 55cm as well as having a side shift of 25cm. The system also provides the operator with the flexibility of feeding out to either side of the machine.

The V-Conveyor allows the operator to feed into high troughs.

Other offerings from Strautmann will include the VM 500, VM1401 diet feeders and the Giga Vitesse 3602 silage wagon.

Given that IAM is also the importer and distributor of Hardi and Bomford equipment, it will also be showcasing the Hardi range of sprayers and Bomford hedge cutters.