Comment: Retail demand remains similar to the rolling average for this time of the year. There is renewed demand from the processing sector, as it appears that restaurants will be allowed to open beyond the current 8pm time in the next two weeks.

Demand for high-quality packing material at present is also reasonably good.

Reports from growers indicate that quality issues are emerging around the country and saleable yields are significantly reduced as a result.

Some growers are reporting saleable yields similar to 2012 levels.

Across Europe, physical prices in the processing sector are firm and there have been some increased free-buy prices paid over the last week.

Factories are running to capacity and sales of product within and outside Europe are now almost back to pre-COVID levels.

In France, it is suggested that if the current volumes continue, processing could equal its 2018-2019 record at 1,307,000t used over 12 months.