Retail and processing trade remains unchanged, with good demand for processing material as holiday season is under way.

The remainder of the Home Guard and Premier continue to clear. More Queens are coming on to the market this week as many growers have begun lifting in the southeast. Again, there are reports of frost damage on the earliest planted crops.

The Scheme of Investment Aid for the seed potato sector is open for applicants until 1 July. Irrigation under way

Irrigation is well under way for many growers following the past 10 days with almost no rainfall. Early estimates of planted area in northern Europe show small increases in the processing sector, but, overall, it could be the smallest area ever recorded, taking into account reductions in planting for seed and starch production.

Across Europe, the early crop is now developing well and buyers for the big processors are restricting their demands almost totally to contracts with limited interest in excess to contract. Free buy prices have fallen back if any buyers can be found.