The salary of the IFA director general Damian McDonald is to increase by almost €31,000 to €215,998, following a review of his salary by the IFA’s remuneration committee.

McDonald joined the association in 2016 on a salary of €185,350.

The committee decided it would increase his salary in line with the pay scale for the secretary general of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The IFA also announced that McDonald’s contract is to be extended indefinitely.

“The IFA has extended the contract of its director general Damian McDonald.

“In line with current employment regulations, the contract is of indefinite duration, with a clause agreed to end the contract, should it be required,” it said.

President’s salary

IFA president Tim Cullinan will also receive a pay rise. His salary will increase from €120,000 to €140,000.

Deputy president of the IFA Brian Rushe will receive a €5,000 pay rise, bringing his salary to €40,000.

“These salaries have remained the same since 2016,” the IFA said on Tuesday.