Galway sheep farmer John Higgins suspects thieves of stealing 35 in-lamb ewes and three lambs on 30 January, the same day he celebrated his retirement from farming.

“I was on a zoom call with all of my family celebrating my retirement from farming and I didn’t get out to check the ewes until late that evening,” Higgins told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“The ewes were on an out farm just a mile and a half from the house near Tuam. When I arrived to the field they were gone. A mix of mule and Suffolk crosses, I estimate they are worth almost €9,000 in total.”

First incident

Higgins reported the theft to Gardaí in Galway following an unsuccessful search of surrounding farmland.

“I have everyone I know looking out for them. They definitely didn’t go missing because if they had then they would have been found by now," John said.

“I started out with 20 ewes and built my flock up to 300. Through farming I’ve built a house and sent all my children to college. We never had anything like this happen before. It’s such a shame for this to come as I leave the profession.”


Higgins has called on the IFA to push for the requirement to have an sheep electronically chipped, in addition to ear tagging.

“I will be pressing the IFA to get sheep chipping as a requirement, just like in dogs and horses. This way at least when the tags are cut out you’d still have a way of proving you own the sheep. Tags aren’t effective enough on their own.

“I won’t be letting these sheep go easy. I’ll comb them out myself if it comes to that. The people who stole them will lay low for the minute but you can be sure they will resurface soon. This has to be sorted, you can’t let them away with it,” Higgins concluded.

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