Gardaí in Mountmellick have today renewed their appeal for information about a burglary which took place at Hushabye Farm Alpacas, Quarrymount, Killeigh, Co Offaly.

The theft is said to have taken place on the morning of Wednesday 8 July, between 9am and 10.45am.

Speaking with the Irish Farmers Journal, owner of Hushaby Farm Alpacas Paul MacDonnell said: “I was in town that morning doing some business and when I returned home we noticed the trailer had gone missing.

“I immediately jumped back into the car and searched the byroads while at the same time my wife discovered the thieves had taken much more than just the trailer.

“They took our electric bike, various garden tools and our ride-on lawnmower. They totally cleared the place and packed the trailer to the brim.

“They loaded everything into the trailer and drove off. The gardaí told me it’s highly likely the thieves had eyes on me in the town,” he said.

“This way they knew exactly when I’d be coming home. They took a lot of property and it seems they were very relaxed while doing it.”

Appeal for information

The trailer has the wording ‘Hushabye Farm Alpacas’ written on it. Portlaoise Garda Station has requested any information relating to the theft to be brought forward.

MacDonnell said: “These thieves absolutely have the run of the place and are a scourge on the countryside. There are no repercussions because they never get caught.

“I’m not holding out a lot of hope and I’d say unless you physically catch them in the act yourself, it’s a lost cause.”

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