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1. What is this unique loyalty code about?

The Irish Farmers Journal is rewarding print loyalty by giving readers, who purchase the weekly print edition, unlimited access to all content on

2. How do I use the unique loyalty code?

Every week, the Irish Farmers Journal will print a unique loyalty code on the back page of the Irish Country Living section of the newspaper. To use this code, readers simply need to log on to, set up a free account and enter their unique loyalty code to “unlock a world of farming information” from publication on a Thursday to the following Wednesday evening at 9pm.

3. What if I already have a account?

If you are already a paid digital subscriber of you will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to without the need to pick up a code in the printed edition.

If you are already a free registered user of, the system will identify your email and you will not be required to set up an account.

All you will need to do is enter your unique loyalty codeto gain unrestricted access to

4. What does “that code is invalid, already redeemed or has expired” mean?

If after inputting your unique code, you receive the above message it can mean one of 3 things:

Invalid: The code you inputted may have contained a typo or error. Please re-enter the code and try again.

Already redeemed: Somebody else has already used the code from your newspaper, perhaps a colleague, friend or family member. Please check first and if you are sure nobody has used your unique code, call our customer service team on 01-4199584 or email

Has expired: The code that you have inputted has already expired (Wednesday 9pm) and you will need to purchase a new edition of the Irish Farmers Journal to gain access for another 7 days. Please make sure you have clicked on the confirmation email you get when you set up your account. This email may have gone to your Junk folder.

5. Why am I locked out of

You may be temporarily locked out because you may exceeded your maximum number of IP addresses. Call us for more information - or 01 4199584.

6. Where can I redeem the code on the app?

You can redeem your code on – mobile or desktop site – and then login to your app.

7. Can I use the same code every week?

Afraid not, this unique loyalty code is designed to reward print loyalty and as such, only customers who purchase the print edition of the Irish Farmers Journal every week will have unlimited access to

The unique loyalty code will expire at 9pm every Wednesday night and customers will need to purchase the print edition of the Irish Farmers Journal from a Thursday morning to access a new code for use on

8. How many people can use this code?

Only one person can set up an account using the weekly unique loyalty code with their email address. i.e. one account per newspaper purchased.

9. Is the unique loyalty code case sensitive?

No, the unique loyalty code is not case sensitive and accepts both lower and uppercase letters/numbers.

10. Where can I pick up a copy of the Irish Farmers Journal newspaper?

The Irish Farmers Journal print edition is available in over 4,200 shops on the Island of Ireland. Should you experience any difficulty picking up a copy of the newspaper, please contact us on 01-4199584 or email and we’ll advise on where your local stockist is located.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the print edition here and we’ll post you out a copy weekly. However, please note that normal postal delays will apply i.e. In Ireland, your copy of the Irish Farmers Journal will in most cases only be delivered each Friday.

11. What is the “Irish Country Living section”?

Irish Country Living is a weekly rural living magazine which comes included with the weekly Irish Farmers Journal.

12. How can I contact customer service or give feedback?

Customers with additional questions not covered in our FAQS or with feedback can contact our customer service team on 01-4199584 or email Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm.

13. Why are is Irish Farmers Journal doing this?

In many farm families there are a number of Irish Farmers Journal readers who have varying needs – some love the printed Irish Farmers Journal and couldn’t do without it on a Thursday morning, some cannot wait to get their hands on Irish Country Living while some want digital access all week long.

While the printed paper continues to be purchased, those who want digital access throughout the week will now be rewarded for their print loyalty.

14. Tell me about the paid content model?

Since December 2013, has operated a successful metered paid content model. The metered model allows access to some content for free, while most of the content is only available to digital subscribers.

We firmly believe that quality content written by agri specialists and which helps our readers must be paid for. This model operates very successfully for our readers who want to consume all their content online. Many readers who have migrated to digital simply purchased a digital subscription and have uninterrupted access to throughout the year.

15. How is the Farmers Journal using technology?

Like many brands the Irish Farmers Journal is evolving rapidly to harness the opportunities that digital provides. Most recently SnapChat and WhatsApp are used to engage with readers, while editorial content is been published by an enlarged team from 7am to 10.30pm, 7 days a week. This is a significant shift for a publisher which was once focussed on a Thursday print product. This year 100% more content will be generated than previously for an enlarged print and digital audience both in Ireland and internationally. Using this code, our innovative use of printing technology enables all the farm family to access Irish Farmers Journal content in whatever fashion appeals to them.

Speaking about the loyalty code, Justin McCarthy, editor and CEO of the Farmers Journal noted, “The Irish Farmers Journal has always pushed our readers to innovate, change and adopt to the latest technologies to enable them to run a sustainable farm businesses. Using print technology to enable our readers access all our digital content is our way to reward print loyalty and deliver our content to our readers on whatever platform they want. We are committed to driving the digital agenda among the farming community and continuing to give them the information they need to farm successfully”.

16. What additional content is available from

Firstly, all content from the weekly print edition of the Irish Farmers Journal is available on and users can search the website for articles in a very user friendly way.

35% more content will be produced by the Farmers Journal this year:

1. Up-to-the minute farming news

2. 7.30am breakfast briefing each weekday morning

3. Additional mart reports, beef trends and market analysis

3. Extra technical farming updates and management notes

4. Global markets graphs and analysis – daily for grain and weekly for dairy futures

5. Daily articles from our team of farmer writers across the country

6. Listen to farming voices and insightful discussions on our weekly podcast

7. Watch the best farming practices demonstrated in our videos

8. Browse, search and save pages from our digital archives from November 2010 also contains a digital replica edition of the newspaper, which allows you to flick through the paper from cover to cover, including full and free access to all old editions as far back as November 2010. Another great benefit of the digital edition is that you get to access content from both the Northern and Southern editions of the paper.

17. How do I view the archive of the Irish Farmers Journal?

Once you have gained access to the digital edition. Go to your account and you will see the digital edition (you need to set up an account to do this). You will see two tabs on the left hand side, click on archive and it will generate a page of thumbnails of the Farmers Journal i.e all archive editions since November 2010.

18. How often is the website updated?

The website is updated daily from 7am-11pm. The majority of the content from the weekly edition goes live on a Wednesday evening at 11pm.

19. Why is there a list of key words (tags) at the end of each story?

The tags are there to help our readers find all articles relevant to the subject they’re interested in. For example, if you click on a ‘grass’ tag, you will get all articles related to ‘grass’ from the Irish Farmers Journal.

20. Can I comment on stories?

Yes, you can submit comments at the bottom of most articles, once you sign in to comment with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account or create a unique identity with a valid email address.

21. What is the Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition?

The Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition is a digital replica of the Irish Farmers Journal which is available to view in PDF format on your smartphone, tablet and desktop. Once you are a subscriber, you immediately have full access to the digital edition.

22. Can I instead subscribe to the Digital Edition weekly instead of buying the newspaper?

There are a number of subscription terms to choose from. Click here to subscribe and view our current subscription options.

23. How do I search?

The Irish Farmers Journal’s Digital Edition provides full edition search capability. To search the edition, enter your keywords in the Search control at the top (left) of the display and click on the Search button. To further enhance your search, click on the Search drop down menu where you can refine your search criteria.

24. I am looking for access to newspapers that were published before I subscribed. Can I access an archive on your site or do you have any other suggestions?

Your subscription package gives you access to newspapers and special supplements published from November 2010 to present day. For publications on dates between 1957-1998 you can purchase to view on href="" target="_blank">here.