What is available on the Farmers Journal site?
All content from the weekly edition of the Irish Farmers Journal, plus lots more additional multimedia content and daily news updates. The site also contains a full digital replica edition, which allows subscribers to flick through the paper from cover to cover.

Do I have to pay to view the site?
Unmarked articles are free to read. By registering with an email address and password, you can view 7 Member articles per month for free. All Member articles are identified with a Member marker.

Member+ articles are exclusive to digital subscribers. Member+ topics and articles are specially selected by our specialist team, exclusively for readers with a subscription. All Member+ articles are identified with the below Member+ marker

What is Member and Member+?
Member represents premium Irish Farmers Journal articles. These may be articles that have appeared in the print edition of the Irish Farmers Journal as well as some additional technical content exclusive to online. Readers can register for free and read 7 Member articles per month. Read more about Member and Member+ here.

What happens when I exceed my limit of 7 Member stories?
When you reach your limit of 7 stories, a reader can choose between waiting until the following month to read 7 articles or else subscribe to the site from just €11.99 per month. This includes access to the replica edition of the Irish Farmers Journal going back to November 2010.

Is there any free content?
Daily free content is made available from the Irish Farmers Journal specialist team and external contributors along with 7 Member articles per month when you register.

What are the benefits of the farmersjournal.ie website?

  • Unlimited farmersjournal.ie article access
  • Access on your mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Digital replica/e-paper access since November 2010
  • Access to all supplements since November 2010
  • Exclusive email newsletters each week
  • Unlimited access to Farmer Writes blogs
  • Join the debate by commenting on articles
  • Enhanced access to audio, photography and video
  • Access to additional content from the Northern Ireland and Scottish edition
  • Access to all Farm Programme content
  • Access to all printed Irish Farmers Journal content from 10.30pm on Wednesday evening
  • Sign-up for email alerts and briefings
  • Unlimited access to our full suite of apps.
  • Subscribers have access to the full digital edition on mobile via the ePaper app and also unlimited access to the Irish Farmers Journal news app which provides all the latest agricultural news and technical agricultural content while on the move
  • How often is the site updated?
    The website is updated daily. All content from the weekly edition goes live on a Wednesday evening at 10.30pm.

    Is everything from the paper now available online?
    Yes, one of the benefits of the digital edition is that you get content from the Northern and Southern edition and Scottish edition of the paper as well as all supplements.

    Is Irish Country Living content available online?
    Yes, all Irish Country Living content is available online.

    Can I access the digital edition in pdf format?
    Yes, you can access the PDF replica edition of the paper online on farmersjournal.ie or from your downloaded app once you have a paid subscription.

    How far back does the archive go?
    Subscribers will have access to all articles since November 2010.

    Why is there a list of key words (tags) at the end of each story?
    The tags are there to help our readers find all articles relevant to the subject they’re interested in. For example, if you click on a ‘grass’ tag, you will get all articles related to ‘grass’ from the Irish Farmers Journal.

    Can I comment on stories?
    Yes, you can submit comments at the bottom of all articles via Facebook.


    What is the Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition?
    The Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition is a digital replica of the Irish Farmers Journal which is available to view in PDF format on your smartphone, tablet and desktop. Once you are a subscriber, you immediately have full access to the digital edition.

    How can I subscribe to the Digital Edition and what are the subscription rates?
    There are a number of subscription terms to choose from. Click here to subscribe and view our current subscription options.

    Can I change the email address I used for my subscription?
    Yes. Please contact our Circulation Department on +353 141 99525 or email subs@farmersjournal.ie.

    How do I search?
    The Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition provides full edition search capability. To search the edition, enter your keywords in the Search control at the top (left) of the display and click on the Search button. To further enhance your search, click on the Search drop down menu where you can refine your search criteria.

    How do I view the archive of the Irish Farmers Journal?
    Once you have gained access to the digital edition. You will see two tabs on the left hand side, click on archive and it will generate a page of thumbnails of the Farmers Journal i.e all archive editions since November 2010.

    I am looking for access to newspapers that were published before I subscribed. Can I access an archive on your site or do you have any other suggestions?
    Your subscription package gives you access to newspapers and special supplements published from November 2010 to present day. For publications on dates between 1957-1998 you can purchase to view on here.

    I am a paid subscriber and I need to cancel my Digital Edition subscription. What is the best way to proceed?
    If you need to cancel your subscription to The Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition, please email subs@farmersjournal.ie or call our Circulation department on +353 141 99525. In order to help us process your payment as efficiently as possible, please include the reason for your cancellation.

    I’ve forgotten my password, how can I access?
    Click here to reset your password.

    Digital and home delivery

    I live in Ireland and would like to subscribe to have a paper delivered to me. What day of the week will it be delivered to my address?
    The majority of our deliveries are handled by An Post. If you live in the Republic of Ireland your paper should be delivered on Friday. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a next day delivery service as our paper is printed late on a Wednesday evening. If you live in Dublin you may be eligible for our overnight delivery service.

    I live in Dublin, is my address eligible to receive a paper on the overnight delivery service?
    There are a few exclusions to the areas covered by the overnight delivery service, but the majority of areas in the city and county are covered. The best way to determine whether your address is suitable for this service is to contact our Circulation department for confirmation. Contact them on +353 141 99525 or subs@farmersjournal.ie.

    I don’t have a credit or debit card and would like to pay using cheque/bank draft, what do I do?
    Please make payment out to The Irish Farmers Journal, and post, together with your name, address, contact telephone number and the subscription option you wish to be set up with to:
    Subscription Department
    The Irish Farmers Journal
    Irish Farm Centre
    Dublin 12

    I live in Northern Ireland/UK and would like to pay using a sterling cheque/bank draft, how do I proceed?Please call us on +3531 4199525 and we will quote you the sterling equivalent of the euro rate for the subscription option you wish to sign up for. We determine the rate based on the exchange rate that is being offered on that day.

    I would like to purchase a Paper Subscription as a gift for a friend. Do you provide a gift card?
    Yes we do. Please contact our Circulation department on +3531 4199525 or subs@farmersjournal.ie to request one.

    Is there a discount for purchasing more than one subscription?
    From time-to-time during the course of the year we may offer subscription packages. Please contact our Circulation department on +3531 4199525 or subs@farmersjournal.ie to discuss options.

    I want to place an advertisement in one of your publications. Where can I get more information?
    Please contact our advertising department directly on +353 141 99525 or email advert@farmersjournal.ie.