John Deere has just unveiled its new 9R Series, its flagship tractor range.

The range is headed by the flagship wheeled 9R 640 and tracked 9RX 640 which offer a maximum output of up to 691hp.

John Deere said the latest 9R, 9RT and 9RX machines have not only been made stronger and more efficient, but also more intelligent.

Although the range is predominately used in countries such as America or Canada, the firm have been selling some throughout the UK and Europe in recent years. In fact, the Irish Farmers Journal understands late last year a used 9RX was even imported into Ireland.


The updated range will use the same 13.6l John Deere engine as the X9 combines, except for the top of the range 640hp (rated) models which will still be powered by the 15l Cummins engine.

The firm says its six-cylinder John Deere engine with the HPCR fuel injection system has been developed to operate more efficiently, with noise levels reduced by up to 50%. In order to transfer the large engine power to the ground, all models offer additional ballasting options that allow a gross weight of 30.4t.


The StarFire 6000 receiver is now integrated into the cab roof and is included as standard, along with the large 4600 Command-Center display, full AEF ISOBUS compatibility and AutoTrac activation.

John Deere also offers a full activation package for maximum automation at an additional price of €1,646 (£1,425). This includes Turn Automation, Section Control, Variable Rate Control, Passive Implement Guidance, In-Field Data Sharing, Machine Sync and as well as new AutoPath row guidance.

Jobs appear automatically on the cab display when the machine enters the field and the operator only has to confirm with a single button click

John Deere’s new AutoSetup allows farmers and contractors to pre-schedule jobs in the customer’s personalised Operations Center.

Jobs appear automatically on the cab display when the machine enters the field and the operator only has to confirm with a single button click. The system supports settings such as client, farm, field, field boundaries, tracks, implement widths/offsets, products, application rates, site specific applications, documentation settings and operator name.

Once the job is completed, all data can be transferred wirelessly to the Operations Center.

John Deere claims that AutoSetup saves up to 90% of setting up time in the field, and also provides clear documentation and avoids errors and data losses.


The 9R, 9RT and 9RX tractor range now features a new specially developed suspension system alongside a new cab.

John Deere’s HydraCushion front axle suspension is also available on the 9R Series models, while the new cab features are the same as those introduced on the new 7R and 8R Series tractors launched at Agritechnica 2019.

The second generation ActiveSeat is available with leather trim, heating, active air circulation, massage function and various adjustable seat settings.

A touchscreen radio with 6.1 sound system provides infotainment and is compatible with Apple CarPlay, while LED lights are also fitted. John Deere says that the reduced size of the exhaust after treatment system and optional cameras means visibility has been further improved.

Running gear

John Deere says that, among many other enhancements, the e18 transmission, axles, track drives and chassis have been significantly reinforced for higher capacity and productivity.

Many of the service intervals have also been extended – for example, the new fan is now serviced every 5,000 hours, the same as the torsional damper.

John Deere has doubled the standard factory warranty to two years, or 2,000 hours. In addition, the optional PowerGard Protection/Plus warranty extension terms now reach up to eight years, or 8,000 hours.

With John Deere’s Expert Alerts, potential machine damage can be predicted and the likelihood of expensive repairs can be reduced or completely avoided.

New John Deere 9R Series model line-up: