Dempsey at Large: Statistics to guide policy
Matt Dempsey
It will be interesting to get a national picture on how much tillage land is still conventionally ploughed and sown versus using a conservation tillage system.
Sward quality tricky as first cut wraps up
Continued dry weather has caused a lot of stem in grazing swards due to moisture stress, though cattle are extremely content.
7 June 2023 News
Contractors: making hay while the sun shines
Kelsey Daley and Sarah O'Sullivan talk to hay contractors around the country who are busy baling during the dry spell.
John Deere 6R 185 answers the needs of Kilkenny contractor
Last year, John Deere introduced its 6R185 to offer more power in its mid-frame tractor segement. Gary Abbott spoke with Edward Delahunty having upgraded a 6155R earlier this year for a 6R185.
31 May 2023 Tractors
First cuts ‘flying it’ as drought concern kicks in
With no rain forecast for the next week, Kelsey Daly and Sarah O’Sullivan catch up with some of the country’s contractors to gauge how silage 2023 is coming along.
31 May 2023 News
Beef Management: silage cutting and fertiliser
Adam Woods has the latest tips and management hints for beef farmers this week.
31 May 2023 Management
Samasz butterflies tried and tested after 20,000 acres
Gary Abbott caught up with Padraig Smith, now on his third set of Samasz butterfly mowers to find out how the brand has performed having cut over 20,000 acres.
24 May 2023 Contracting
Wet spring slows down contractors as silage kicks off around the country
It has been a busy week for contractors as silage season has kicked off. Kelsey Daly and Sarah O'Sullivan spoke to contractors around the county to see how they are getting on.
24 May 2023 News
Silage season hits drystock farms
First cut silage has begun on many drystock farms, with good reports on both yields and quality.
24 May 2023 Grass & feeding
Farmer understanding needed as difficult year for contractors in play - FCI
The FCI is conscious that the last two months of heavy rainfall will lead to two to three weeks of huge demand on contractor services.
11 May 2023 News
Carbon tax adds 2c/l to green diesel prices
Further carbon tax increases of €7.50/t of CO2 or approximately 2.04c/l have been imposed on green diesel this week, but the rise has been neutralised for now by a fall in market prices.
3 May 2023 News
Offaly students graduate from Safe Tractor Driving course
Students in St Brendan's Community School in Birr Co Offaly spoke to the Irish Farmers Journal about their experiences of doing the Safe Tractor Training course with FRS Network.
3 May 2023 News