The vice-chair of Kerry Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) John Joe Fitzgerald has resigned from his role in the county executive.

In an email addressed to county officers, branch officers and grassroots members of the IFA, seen by the Irish Farmers Journal, he said that is with “great sadness”, and under advice from his doctor, that he is resigning from his position.

Last month, a formal complaint was lodged against a number of members of the Kerry IFA county executive. It is unknown at this time what the complaint related to.


The sheep farmer has said stress in relation to WhatsApp messages sent in July to Kerry county officers have taken a “toll on my health” and that the way the complaint has been dealt with by the IFA’s rules committee and top brass is “shameful” and “disgusting”.

"Out sourcing these alleged complaints to a consultancy firm is outrageous," he said.

He alleged that the handing over of his personal details without his consent beggars belief.

“If the rules committee cannot do what they are elected to do they should resign. What will it cost this organisation and members? It is our money they are spending,” he added.


He said every county officer had asked the serious questions that needed “to be asked of this organisation without hesitation”.

He included examples such as the IFA pay rises, Green Cert placements and people sitting on different boards with no accountability.

Fitzgerald has also resigned from his role as Kerry IFA sheep chair and said that is has been a privilege to work with his fellow county officers.