Kubota has replaced its MGX range with the M6-001 Utility series. The latest series satisfies the same 104hp to 143hp segment, between the smaller M5-002 and higher spec M6-002.

Short wheel base (2.54m) M6-101U and M60111U models are fitted with a Stage V 3.8l in house four-cylinder engine.

Maximum respective power outputs are 104hp/346Nm and 111hp/379Nm.

The three long wheel base (2.68m) M6-121U, M6-131U and M6-141U use Kubota’s 6.1l four-cylinder engine.

Maximum power outputs are 123hp/503Nm, 133hp/544Nm and 143hp/586Nm.

Going Stage V has improved DOC and DPF performance with DPF regeneration now achieved at lower engine speeds of 1,200rpm (down from 2,000rpm) and at as low as 50C.

All M6-001 Utility models get a 24x24 40km/h semi-powershift transmission with eight powershifts in three mechanical ranges.

Creeper box

The option of a creeper box increases the number of ratios to 32x32. An auto-shifting function is included within each range, along with a sensitivity dial so that shifts can be changed to suit the operator or application.

Short wheel base models get a fixed displacement 71l/min hydraulic pump, while long wheel base models see an open centre pump with a flow rate of 77l/min.

Two spools are offered as standard while an additional two are options.

Rear lift is 5t or 6t, depending on the model as before, while a two-speed pto is standard. There is a choice between 3.7m/1,950kg and 4m/2,200kg front loaders.


Models benefit from the same cab as the bigger ranges, while the front axle with bevel gear drive (55-degree steering lock) remains fitted as before.

Front-axle suspension is available as an option.

Pricing starts at €63,735 plus VAT for the 104hp M6-101U and €89,925 plus VAT for the M6-141U.