“We’re launching a new range of Power Harrows. The heavy duty S series will be our standard market offering, specifically equipped to handle the toughest soil environments, along with the Enduro, a new versatile cultivator which aims to be the best choice for both shallow stubble and deeper cultivation,” says Leonard Hovenden, Kverneland Group Ireland, Product manager Arable.

The new M, H and S series (dependent on horse power requirement) are all available, but it is the heavy-duty S power harrow for tractors up to 250hp that will become the standard market offering. With the Kverneland heavy-duty, self-supporting trough design and the Quick-Fit tines, the S series is the right solution for farmers and contractors.

It replaces the successful NGS series of power harrows, and reflects the brands ongoing commitment to increased performance on its tillage equipment. Robustly designed with a self-supporting trough, the engineers have been able to increase its strength while considerably reducing the weight of this new generation of Kverneland rigid power harrows. The S series, for example, comes with 15% less weight than the former model.

Gregor Kottenstedde, R and D engineer at Kverneland Group Soest, Germany, Kverneland’s Arable manufacturing facility, explains:

“We considered all the most aggressive scenarios like deep working when turning, combination with seed drills or coulter bars, as well as random stress tests in a stone pit to make the different power harrow models as strong as possible. And this is guaranteeing the proven Kverneland quality.”

Standard features include:

  • Self-supporting trough provides strong resistance to abrasion and torsion and is one of the main characteristics of the double bending trough's sandwich design.
  • To meet customers’ demand for more efficiency, the proven Quick-Fit system allows an easy exchange of tines without the need for tools on all models.
  • Kverneland’s specification of four rotors per meter and the helical tine positioning reduces the peak loads on the driveline, which results in smoother running and less fuel consumption.
  • Kverneland’s fout rotors per metre.

    Kverneland’s four rotors per meter

    All Kverneland power harrows can be combined with Kverneland seed drills. With the integrated concept of a power harrow seed drill combination, the coulter bar can be coupled or uncoupled quickly via EURO-CONNECTION, allowing the power harrow to also be used solo.

    The new versatile cultivator Kverneland Enduro will be the right choice for both shallow stubble and deeper working depths

    The Enduro carries out cultivation, levelling and consolidation in one pass, reducing costs and the risk of lost moisture to promote the weed regrowth.

    “Stubble cultivation, especially within a minimum tillage cultivation programme, conserves soil structure and moisture and limits erosion. It’s an operation which requires great consideration, as we know that efficient stubble cultivation is the basis of success for the following crops,” Leonard explains.

    “An important consideration also for the local market is its TAMS II eligibility,” he adds.

    Romain Desvignes - Product manager Arable Systems Division, Kverneland Group Les Landes-Genusson, France

    “The Enduro is a flexible machine, which is what you need in Ireland, as weather conditions vary and crop rotations make it difficult to find just one cultivator to meet all requirements. Depending on the season and conditions, you want to manage high amounts of residues, leave a weatherproof surface or fine seedbed by cultivating either shallow or deep. For this, you need a high capacity cultivator with a full range of shares to provide maximum flexibility.”

    The main feature of the Enduro Triflex tine 700 – for extra strength

    Auto-reset Triflex tines with a release point of 700kg. The narrow design and special shape reduce the pulling forces while ensuring a perfect penetration in most compacted soil. It is the perfect choice for deep loosening and working on heavier soil types strewn with stones. A wide choice of bolted shares (heat-treated or carbide) and knock-on shares are available to adapt to different working depths and tasks.

    With the Enduro and Enduro Pro, Kverneland offers a three-row configuration on a mounted version, available from 3.0m to 5.0m working width. In combination with the 270/285mm tine distance and a high under beam clearance of 870mm, this leads to a nice mixing and finishing without any risk of blockages. A maximum working depth of 35cm is possible with the Enduro Pro and 30cm with the Enduro.

    We’re constantly focusing on services and equipment to offer the Irish market to provide maximum choice and flexibility, while always keeping cost savings in mind. Lower power requirements, long lasting durable implements with increased sustainability, while not forgetting user comfort and peace of mind, are always to the forefront of Kverneland philosophy.

    "At the end of the day,” says Leonard, “you want a proven name and quality you can rely on."

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