Fat lambs prices have rebounded after farmers resisted factory attempts to cut quotes to 480p/kg last week.

Base quotes have increased to 485p/kg with reports of 490p/kg being offered this week. However, with a resurgent live trade, reports indicate that factory agents are paying 495p to 500p/kg at the upper end of the market.

In the live ring, mart managers report a sharp upturn in buying competition between agents working for southern factories.

Prices are up £5 to £6 per head on the week with the main run of factory lambs making £102 to £106, depending on quality. At the top of the market, lambs are being purchased at £110 to £112.

In the Republic of Ireland, lambs are also on the rise with plants paying €6.15 to €6.25/kg which converts to 495p to 505p/kg.

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