Griffith Elder claims its portable weigh beams offer accuracy down to 1%, in comparison to weigh cells on trailers which typically run at 3-5%.

The company says its weigh beams provide a lightweight alternative to a full-size portable weighbridge. Designed for weighing tractors and trailers, they will work on or off-road, recording weight in three seconds. The sensors run on 12-volt DC, through either mains power or batteries (seven hours of life).

The portable weigh beams come as a complete kit and include ancillaries such as traffic light, large display and printer.

A tractor and trailer are weighed in two goes. The driver approaches the weighbridge and moves the first set of axles onto the weigh beams, the traffic light will display red until the beams have recorded the weight.

Once recorded, it will be automatically printed, saved to the USB and shown on the display. The traffic light will then change to green and the driver can move the next set of axles on to the beams, with the process repeated. In less than 20 seconds the weights are added together, saved to a USB and the ticket is automatically printed. It includes the weights, date and time. The 4.4m long, 80t-rated option is priced at €10,990 plus VAT.