The Lemken-owned Steketee brand has expanded its product portfolio to offer a new mechanical hoe, named the EC-Ridger, which is designed for weeding ridge crops such as potatoes and carrots.

The EC-Ridger is designed for row widths of 75cm and to work in three stages.

These stages are as follows: the hoeing discs cut weeds on the top and sides of the ridge, spring tines loosen the space between the ridges and finally ridging bodies return the ridge to the desired shape.

The EC-Ridger is currently offered in three variants:

  • The EC-Ridger 5: Features lightweight basic elements for removing weeds from the tops and sides of ridges. It can be front or rear-mounted and is suitable for use in light soils and with smaller crops which require little ridging.
  • The EC-Ridger 7: Features the TRS hoeing element designed to work in difficult conditions. A leaf guard can be added to prevent crops from becoming damaged or buried when the implement hoes along the sides and rebuilds the ridges. The ridging bodies can be replaced by ridging discs for use in light soils. A subsoiler can be added for more challenging conditions. The EC-Ridger 7 is rear mounted only.
  • The EC-Ridger 9 comprises a range of modular tool options to suit varying conditions.

  • The EC-Ridger 9: It comprises a range of tool options so that it can be adapted to changing conditions and the various growth stages of the crops. One of the modular tool options has blades for hoeing on ridges and another with hoeing discs for working in between ridges. Depth control wheels ensure that both elements maintain a precise working depth. Complementary tools in the range include spring tines, ridging discs and ridging shares. The quick-change system is designed to make replacing the individual elements easy. If required, a subsoiler can be added to the system.