DEAR SIR: Our local bank is one on the list to be closed down next September.

This service has been in our community for years.

This is the case in a number of rural towns across Ireland. It makes one wonder how many more services are to be taken out of rural areas.

We are told that our post offices will offer us an alternative, but not so long ago the future of this service was very uncertain across the country.

As a result, many post offices moved to supermarkets. They are busy enough without taking an extra workload. And will post offices be back on the closing agenda in the future? Many farmers still use chequebooks, still receive cheques from marts and factories and still require stocking loans, etc.

It is nice to be able to avail of these services through one’s local bank.

We have let a lot slip through our fingers in rural Ireland. Maybe it’s time we shouted stop.