It’s a yes from me.

I think the new Glanbia board proposals on buying out the plc share is a great idea and we should be striking on this deal while the pot is hot.

The three legs to this deal are all positives for all co-op shareholders – investment fund, buying out the plc and the spin-out which will put money to each shareholder is a must for me.

I have confidence in our local board member in putting this deal together and for shareholders to own all of our co-op is a huge bonus and we are only going to lose 85 shares out of every thousand shares owned, which is a small price to pay for full ownership.

We will still have a big share in the plc going forward so we’re wishing them well because we will also benefit from their success going forward.

I also would have full confidence in the KPMG valuation for this deal because of the company’s credibility.

This deal will also put monies at our board’s disposal to invest in other businesses, which will be to our benefit.

The sooner it happens the better and there should be no delaying this deal.

I think this deal is a win, win situation for all Glanbia shareholders and it’s a big yes from me.