The success of the Government’s climate plan will depend on its willingness to put in place policies that ensure the delivery of the Teagasc climate roadmap and make farm-scale renewables a reality.

That is according to IFA president Joe Healy, who was speaking ahead of the publication of the Government’s plan.


“The Teagasc climate roadmap contains a scientific pathway that can transform our renewables sector and offset agricultural emissions. Farmers are ready to take on the challenge.

“However, Government must put in place the required grid access, planning and tariff supports.

"The delivery of this requires a whole-of-Government approach and today’s action plan must be the first step in making this happen,” he said.

Carbon tax

He said credible tariffs and supports to incentivise communities in the microgeneration of electricity were two areas he would be looking for significant intent.

The mooted increase in carbon tax would also be difficult for agriculture, as there was no alternative in many cases Healy pointed out.

The most critical issue for farming, Healy said, was that Ireland’s low-carbon model of food production was not sacrificed: “Reducing food production from Ireland would be likely to increase global emissions as it would lead to food being produced in other countries who have much more carbon-intensive forms of production.”

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