The Canada-UK Trade Continuity Agreement came into effect on 1 April. It is essentially a rollover of CETA and will operate until the UK and Canada negotiate a bespoke agreement.

The agreement creates access for 3,279t carcase weight equivalent of Canadian beef in 2021 and 3,869t in 2022.

Beef coming in under this quota will only be available for sale in Britain as it would be liable for full tariffs if it came into Northern Ireland

Canadian access to the EU remains unchanged with a 35,000t fresh beef plus a 15,000t frozen beef quota.

Beef quota and beef under this quota can be sold in Northern Ireland as well as any of the 27 member states of the EU under the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol. All weights are carcase weight equivalent (CWE).

Brexit means that the UK can grant whatever level of access it chooses in trade deals meaning that Irish farmers will experience more competition for sales in Britain.