With the silage season about to kick off, there has been a lot of talk around the availability of machines and spare parts. To get a feel for how well stocked Irish importers, distributors and manufacturers are, we caught up with a selection of firms around the country.

Farmhand ltd

Based in Dublin, Farmhand is a well-known importer of many market leading brands in Ireland.

To find out how the firm has coped with the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we caught up with sales and marketing director Stephen Scrivener.

“When the restrictions were first introduced, we split our staff into two teams. Each team worked one week on and one week off. The idea behind this was so staff could comfortably keep social distancing.

“In addition, if one team was affected with the virus, we would still have half our workforce in a position to work. However, we were beginning to fall behind on assembly and parts.