Claas updates greenline range
Gary Abbott
Last week Claas launched a suite of updates to its Greenline range, including new mower models, tedders and a new combination baler wrapper. Gary Abbott travelled to South Germany to find out more.
18 May 2024 Management
Five tips for first cut silage
As silage season moves into top gear across Ireland, outlined are some tips to keep in mind.
Little change expected to silage contractor charges
There are signs that silage costs for the 2024 season will start off on par with 2023 levels in Northern Ireland.
Five tips for closing off silage ground
Ground conditions are far from ideal, but closing off silage ground is a task to complete by mid-April.
6 April 2024 Management
Cork contractor changes foragers to lighter shade of green
With the Duggan family entering their 10th decade of contracting, Peter Thomas Keaveney catches up with the brothers in Co Cork who recently took delivery of their second Krone Big X 630 forager.
3 April 2024 Farm machinery