A trend the Irish Farmers Journal observed at the show in Denmark was that quite of few of its homegrown slurry equipment manufacturers were offering front-mounted slurry tanks.

Although something that’s been growing in Ireland more recently, particularly in the past decade, large tankers have been on the go on the continent for much longer. When coupled with a typical large tanker, say 25,000l (5,500 gallon) on the Danish market, these front-mounted tanks are primarily used as a ballast, removing the need to carry a weight block. In addition, they also increase carrying capacity by 12% in a typical arrangement. The front and rear tanks are connected via a 5in pipe that runs under the tractor.

However, the big tankers on the continent are known as pump trailers, rather than using vacuum-type systems like we have in Ireland. So, unless an Irish tanker was equipped with the likes of a centrifugal pump, such an arrangement wouldn’t work.

Well-known Danish manufacturer Samson offer two versions, 2,000l and 3,000l. With side cameras for road safety and work lights, a 3,000l unit would set you back €14,560 plus VAT.