John Deere presented its See & Spray camera-sensing technology for the first time on its European sprayers built in its Horst, Netherlands, factory.

Already in operation in the US, See & Spray uses cameras to detect colour differences in the field. One camera per metre is integrated into the boom, which captures green plants. Processors use these images to detect weeds and trigger nozzles when necessary for spot treatment.

During pre-emergence herbicide application, cameras detect green areas visible and enable a targeted application of herbicide. See & Spray can also be used in row crops after emergence and up until the canopy closes. Crop rows are examined and the weeds between the rows can be targeted and treated.

Targeted applications can be documented using the Gen 4 cab display, creating a map of where herbicide was applied.

See & Spray is set to be available in a limited capacity from spring 2023 on the R900i trailed sprayers equipped with 36 and 39m booms.