Opinion: there’s no victory for farming in a culture war
Pat O'Toole
If a political movement is to emerge in rural Ireland, it would be better for it to focus on issues rather than ideology, writes Pat O’Toole.
22 March 2023 News
Farmer party comes from nowhere to top Dutch elections
The surge of the Farmer-Citizen Movement to become the biggest single force in representative politics in the Netherlands is a reflection of resistance to government action on farming’s footprint.
18 March 2023 Opinion
Opinion: could we see a farmer/citizen party in Ireland?
The stunning success of the BBB in Dutch elections may have set some in rural Ireland thinking if it's time for a similar movement here.
Calf exports running 70% ahead of 2022 levels
After a strong start to the calf export season, the weather over the last week has restricted the opportunity to keep calves moving.
15 March 2023 News
Tractors bring traffic to a stop at heart of EU
Farmers from Flanders are protesting their government's failure to get the region's CAP plan up and running.
3 March 2023 News
Bright start to live exports of calves
For the week ending 18 February, there were 4,667 calves exported to the Netherlands, 2,550 cattle and calves to Spain and 488 cattle and calves to Italy.
26 February 2023 News
FrieslandCampina profits up by one third
Increase in FrieslandCampina turnover driven by price increases in dairy commodities.
22 February 2023 News
New tool to assess pollution at sensitive sites
Farmers have had to pay large amounts to get impact assessments done to accompany planning applications.
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Netherlands proposes live export ban
Adam Woods has the latest on EU policy changes around European live exports.
1 February 2023 Markets
BSE detected in cow in the Netherlands
Dutch Minister for Agriculture Piet Adema confirmed the detection of BSE in a cow carcase.
1 February 2023 Markets
Are we burying our head in the sand on calf issues?
Adam Woods takes a look at this week’s calf focus and asks why more progress isn’t being made on DNA calf registration.
25 January 2023 Management
Opinion: food production's environmental challenges are acute in the Netherlands
"Where will it all end" is the weary cry of many farmers. Looking at the Netherlands might provide some illumination
21 January 2023 Opinion