Weekly Podcast: emissions target, cull cow payment and Tullamore Farm
Barry Murphy
We get the latest on the newly agreed emissions target for agriculture, a proposal to pay farmers €5,000 per head to cull cows and farmer views at Tullamore Farm.
27 July 2022 World
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief reports from USA, Argentina, Netherlands and China.
25 July 2022 News
Consumers have ‘no problem’ paying more for organic beef - Dutch butcher
With targets to triple Ireland’s organically farmed area by 2027, the Irish Farmers Journal spoke with a butcher in Amsterdam selling only organic meat to find what is driving consumers to organics.
Opinion: we need a sectoral target as soon as possible
Fear and anxiety is growing among farmers as the debate around the carbon sectoral targets becomes more polarised. We need to move from talking about a target to working towards it.
23 July 2022 Opinion
Weekly podcast: water quality, organics and Netherlands protests
On this week’s podcast, we discuss water quality, the new organics scheme, farmer protests in the Netherlands and cashless banks.
22 July 2022 News
Explainer: Why are Dutch farmers protesting?
Farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting for weeks against proposed changes to nitrogen emissions policy there. The Irish Farmers Journal travelled to the Netherlands to find out why.
20 July 2022 News
On the ground: what are the Dutch farmer concerns?
The Irish Farmers Journal spoke with farmers protesting at Barneveld to understand their concerns with the government’s nitrogen proposals.
20 July 2022 News
Grassroots-organised Dutch farmer protests continue
Despite the absence of any large, centrally organised demonstrations over the past week, farmers are still finding ways to have their voices heard.
20 July 2022 News
Dutch dairy farmers ‘shocked’ at how far nitrogen reduction plans go
Those farming on peat soils are particularly worried about what the changes will mean to the way they farm, a dairy farmer has said, as they face tougher water quality and climate rules.
16 July 2022 News
Watch: Traffic tailback for miles at Dutch farmer protests
The Irish Farmers Journal travelled to the Netherlands to speak with the farmers protesting the proposed government buyout of farms.
15 July 2022 News
Dutch farmer protests intensify as Government stands firm
Dutch Government proposals of talks on its nitrogen targets have so far failed to stall ongoing protests by farmers in the country.
13 July 2022 News
Milk supply trend edges up in Netherlands
As markets continue to soften slightly, the milk supply across Europe is still well back despite a slight edging upwards in the Netherlands in June.
13 July 2022 Markets