Dutch likely to row back and seek further derogation
Anne O'Donoghue
This comes as a coalition was formed in the Netherlands this week, with the new government saying it will seek to renew the country’s nitrates derogation.
15 May 2024 News
Calf exports to Europe running 11% below 2023
The number of calves sold to other EU markets continues to catch up after a slow start to trade in 2024.
8 May 2024 News
No plans for bluetongue vaccine in Ireland
The Department of Agriculture said the bluetongue situation is being monitored closely and keeping the virus out of the island of Ireland is a main priority.
Using the lightning effect to create nitrogen
Aidan Brennan reports from the Netherlands, where GEA have launched a new machine that increases the nitrogen content in slurry and reduces emissions.
Spanish demand for Irish calves increases
Spanish buyers continue to close the gap between themselves and the Dutch as the main outlet for Irish calves.
8 May 2024 News
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
Bluetongue vaccine approved in the Netherlands
Sheep will require one dose of the vaccine, with cattle needing two doses before they are optimally protected against the virus.
Martbids Database: another big week for bullock trade
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s cattle trade, including what’s happening in the country’s marts.
1 May 2024 Markets
Why Denmark won’t be renewing its nitrates derogation
From 1 August 2024, a 170kg N/ha stocking rate will be in place for Danish farmers. It has decided not to renew its nitrates derogation.
18 April 2024 News
Is the battle for milk about to kick off?
With milk supply crashing in Ireland and further afield, the answers to the greening questions are getting or are about to get more difficult.
17 April 2024 Editorial
Calf exports to Netherlands down 35%
Calf exports from Ireland to the Netherlands are significantly behind where they usually are according to Bord Bia data.
10 April 2024 News
Muir rules out Bluetongue compensation scheme
There are no plans in DAERA to compensate NI farmers with livestock stranded in Britain due to Bluetongue restrictions
3 April 2024 Northern Ireland