Boortmalt suppliers are likely to be paid over €237/t for their barley in 2021.

The price is developed by calculating the average price from the Free-On-Board Creil Planet malting barley price at the close of business every Wednesday from 15 April to 22 September.

Following the addition of last week’s price of €280/t, the average stood at €235.65/t. At close of business on Tuesday 21 September the FOB Creil Planet price was at €281/t. This price places the average at €237.54/t.

Boortmalt suppliers will be paid an extra €10/t for distilling barley

At the time of going to print, the final price on Wednesday was yet to be settled, but providing there was no drop, growers were set to be paid over €237/t for malting barley this harvest. Boortmalt suppliers will be paid an extra €10/t for distilling barley.

The FOB Creil price started out at €215/t, dropped to €211/t on 7 July and peaked at €280/t on 9 September. It should be noted that Boortmalt suppliers are paid the equivalent of the French dried price for green barley; the difference roughly equates to how much it would cost to import that barley.

In recent years, the company has given growers the opportunity to fix up to 20% of their barley at a price offered around the time of the National Ploughing Championships.

On a webinar with Teagasc on Monday, Boortmalt’s Tom Bryan stated that he is awaiting a price offer for the first of the 2022 barley. A price of €230/t was mentioned, but it was clear the price was yet to be agreed.

Glanbia and Dairygold have yet to announce their malting barley prices.