Minister of State Pippa Hackett has announced a public call for innovative forestry promotion projects. Funding will be allocated by the Department of Agriculture “in an open competition under the Forestry Promotion Projects Support Fund”.

As was the case for the 2022 call, the emphasis will be on projects which support and highlight the environmental, social and economic benefits of forestry, forests and timber products.

“Our Forestry Programme 2023-2027 is now open to applications and to complement this we are looking for projects and proposals which will help encourage farmers and other landowners to plant trees under the new programme, as well as to raise the profile of forestry as a public good and a commercially viable enterprise,” Minister Hackett said.

“Previous successful applications under this fund have included a series of forestry webinars, field workshops on continuous cover forestry, promoting the use of home grown timber for construction, the sourcing and planting of native trees, woodland open days, ecological restoration, agroforestry and many others besides,” she added.

“Now is an opportune time to promote a greater understanding of the multi-functional benefits of our forests.”


Applicants should consider entering projects under one of the following four themes which Minister Hackett has identified:

  • Promote schemes under the new Forestry Programme, with a particular focus on engaging with farmers, existing forest owners and other landowners.
  • Promote productive forestry and the benefits of increased use of timber products in construction and design, in the context of climate action and the bioeconomy.
  • Promote sustainable forest management among forest owners and a range of silvicultural systems (targeted at professionals and organisations already active in this area with established programmes in operation).
  • Promote the multi-functional benefits of trees and forests, including for eco-system services, bioenergy, communities, children and general wellness.
  • “This competitive process is open to all, and I look forward to receiving applications from as wide a range of stakeholders as possible, to cover each of our themes,” Minister Hackett said at the announcement.

    “However, there will be a particular emphasis this time on theme, which promotes schemes under the new Forestry Programme, with a particular focus on engaging with farmers, existing forest owners and other landowners.”

    She said there is widespread support for promoting greater awareness and education about the many functions, benefits, and culture of forests.

    “A need has been identified to re-establish a more rooted understanding of the value of forests, collective support for forest expansion and a nationwide awareness of the potential of wood products,” she said.