Climate and environment
If your Christmas tree sustainable?
Ellen Durkin
Cork Christmas Trees claim that a hectare of 30-year old forestry sequesters 20t of CO2 every year.
7 December 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: When the stars aligned to plant 50ac of forestry
Gerald Potterton is done with the commercial planting of trees.
6 December 2022 News
Cost of living not quenching Christmas tree demand
Niamh Gunn talks to Christmas tree growers around the country to get an insight into the demand for Christmas trees this year.
Letter regarding the destruction of hedgerows
"The twice-yearly destruction of hedgerows continues unabated, as the most casual observation throughout the countryside will attest." - Peter Declan O'Halloran, Bluebell Farm, Belturbet, Co Cavan.
30 November 2022 Letters
Farmland wanted for 100 million trees project
This sustainability initiative headed by Wexford brothers Richard and David Mulcahy, will to be rolled out nationwide.
30 November 2022 News
Organic farmers will continue to receive payments if they plant agroforestry
We don’t have an awful lot of agroforestry in Ireland, but it is something that would resonate a lot with organic farmers, Minister Pippa Hackett has said.
29 November 2022 Forestry
New planting priorities cause supply headaches for nurseries
While forestry companies have discounted suggestions of a serious shortage of young trees for planting in 2023, there are concerns within the industry, write Declan O'Brien and Lorcan Roche Kelly.
23 November 2022 News
Farmers to be paid over €1,000 to plant trees
The Government's new forestry programme aims to boost forestry growth in Ireland.
23 November 2022 News
Worker shortage in forestry sector
The near-halt of the forestry industry means skills have started to disappear.
23 November 2022 News
Agroforestry: 'It gave my marginal land some value'
Rachel Donovan spoke to farmers who have adopted the concept of agroforestry on their farm.
23 November 2022 News
Tirlán suppliers to plant over 450,000 trees by 2025
The new tree and hedge planting target comes off the back of the original target of 100,000, which Tirlán says were planted 12 months ahead of schedule.
23 November 2022 News
Agroforestry 'lends itself well' to cattle systems
The option of integrating trees into farmland and also integrating animals into forest plantations was discussed at an Irish agroforestry forum in Gurteen College on Friday.
18 November 2022 News