Farmers can avail of new grant aid rates for deer and hare fencing as part of the new Forestry Programme which will run from 2023 to 2027.

State aid approval has been granted by the European Commission for forests that have greater than 40% deer damage on the areas proposed for enclosure by deer fencing.

A new rate of €18 per metre (/m) has been approved for deer fencing using IS436 posts and strainers.

New fencing rates of €9/m have also been announced for the upgrade of deer fencing.

Rates for deer fencing provision are capped at €2,880/ha for IS436 material and €2,100/ha for non-IS436, based on a maximum of 160m/ha.

For upgrade deer fencing, rates are capped at €1,400/ha for IS436 material and €960/ha for non-IS436 material.

IS436 is a certified standard for fencing material accepted by the Department for grant approval.

Hare fencing

A contribution of €4/m up to a maximum of 160m/ha (€640/ha) is available for forests that have been subject to hare damage. Eligible forests must have 30% hare damage.

Fencing upgrades and new fencing, according to the Department of Agriculture, must be clearly shown on a fencing map and must show the total length in metres.

Farmers must also clearly show on a fencing map the total length in metres of the areas upgraded or newly fenced in order to receive the grant aid.