Lamb prices have rebounded, as tight supplies and a robust mart trade undermined attempts by local plants to hold at the lower prices offered last week. Factory quotes are up 30p/kg to a base of 800p/ kg, although deals of 810p/ kg and 820p/kg were paid early this week. But with English buyers driving the mart trade at mid-week sales, reports of 850p/kg and above had emerged.

At mart sales held earlier this week, good-quality lambs at 22kg to 24kg half-weight were making £180 to £183.

Heavier lots suited to butcher and wholesale markets were making £5 to £8 above this level depending on weight.


With limited numbers of lambs coming on the market, factory agents remain heavily dependent on a rapidly dwindling supply of hoggets to meet throughput requirements.

As such, quotes are up 20p/kg to 750p/kg, although 760p/kg is a more realistic starting price, with another 10p to 20p/kg available for good-quality ewe hoggets, payable to a 23kg carcase limit.


Official quotes for prime cattle have moved up 2p/kg, with 460p to 468p/kg on offer for U-3 grades.

Steers and heifers continue to trade around 488p/kg to 490p/kg with deals for cows from 370p/kg to 400p/kg depending on age and conformation.

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