Supplies of vaccines for cattle and sheep are set to remain tight throughout the rest of 2023, according to a leading veterinary consultant.

Dr Fiona Lovatt said the latest updates from the companies that manufacture vaccines for Clostridial and Pasteurella diseases, suggest ongoing supply issues will persist.

“Bravoxin and Covexin are both 10-in-one vaccines and they are very limited. It will probably not be until right at the end of the year, or maybe next year, before we can get hold of a 10-in-one,” she said.

The availability of other Clostridial and Pasteurella vaccines that are targeted at sheep-only is better, although local supplies can still vary.

“The supply of Heptavac and Ovivac is going to be bumpy for the next year. There is enough, […] but there might not be the right vaccine in the right place at the right time,” Lovatt said during an online event organised by the National Sheep Association. “The companies are allocating the vaccines based on previous demand. They are being as fair as they can be.”

Lovatt is advising farmers to speak to their vet if they are having issues getting vaccines, particularly because there is an option to bring in a vaccine from Europe under a special import licence.

“It’s a 10-in-one vaccine. It’s made by a different company, and we don’t use it in the UK usually. Your vet should be able to get hold of that if you need it and can’t get a hold of anything here,” she said.

On Wednesday, a number of local suppliers contacted by the Irish Farmers Journal did not have any Clostridial vaccine for sale, however, others did have a limited supply of the larger 100ml bottles of Bravoxin.