Northern Ireland
Scientists tackling livestock emissions problem
Peter McCann
Leading research institutes held a conference in Belfast about ruminant methane. Peter McCann reports
13 November 2023 News
Bluetongue: ban on cattle and sheep moving from Britain to Ireland
Bluetongue does not affect human or food safety, but, if found here, would have a very negative impact on animal welfare and the livestock sector.
8 November 2023 Management
Dairy management: clover paddocks, vaccines and Dairy Day
Aidan Brennan takes a look at what farmers who are still waiting for salmonella vaccines can do.
'Cautious optimism' for bird flu this winter
David Wright reports from the industry conference organised by the Poultry Industry Education Trust
1 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Stress a huge factor in pneumonia incidence
Beef editor Adam Woods sits down with Sarah Higgins MVB, ruminant & equine veterinary manager at MSD Animal Health to talk about issues around pneumonia and its prevention.
28 October 2023 Breeding & health
IBR, the disease and its control
Dr Maria Guelbenzu, programme manager for BVD and IBR, Animal Health Ireland, takes a look at IBR this week.
25 October 2023 Breeding & health
Farmer writes: to vaccinate or not vaccinate
Farmer James Strain writes about keeping his store lambs thriving and his approach to flock health.
21 October 2023 Farmer Writes
Vaccine supply 'looking better' for 2024
The supply chain for animal vaccines has been significantly disrupted over the last two years
4 October 2023 Northern Ireland
Tips to prevent pneumonia in suckler weanlings at housing
Michelle McGrath, assistant programme manager at Animal Health Ireland, takes a look at keeping weanlings healthy ahead of the autumn weaning period.
3 September 2023 Animal Health
Be alert to pneumonia risk in calves
Lungworm and changeable weather conditions will increase the risk of pneumonia in young stock going into autumn.
22 August 2023 Management
Weekend weather: heavy showers and breezy conditions
Met Éireann has forecast unsettled and breezy conditions over the weekend, with rain or showers, which will be heavy at times. Temperatures will be slightly above average for the time of year.
11 August 2023 News
Beef Management: beef welfare scheme, clostridial vaccines and temporary housing
In this week's beef management notes, Adam Woods takes a look at the new beef welfare scheme, clostridial vaccines and temporary housing of cows in the current weather conditions.
9 August 2023 Management