The latest milk price indicator (MPI) from the Ulster Farmers Union stands at 48.86p/l, a 0.14p/l rise from the previous figure published on 10 June.

The price increase comes on the back of strong UK dairy commodity prices, with butter above £6,000/t, skim powder at £3,500/t and cream rising to 275p/l, just shy of the record 289p/l set in September 2017.

Allowing for a processor margin and transport costs in the region of 5p/l, the MPI would suggest a base price of 43p/l to 44p/l over the summer.


Meanwhile, statistics published by DAERA show that NI production hit 237.99m litres in April, a 1.89m litre increase from the same month last year. Production from January to April totalled 895.6m litres, up 1.7% on the same period in 2021.

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