The Agricultural Science Association (ASA) will hold a multispecies sward event on 19 May. The webinar “Multispecies Swards: Environmental, Sward Production and Animal Performance Benefits” will take place at 11am. Watch the webinar here.

Dr John Finn of Teagasc will talk about the biodiversity and farmland ecology benefits of these swards.

Dr Helen Sheridan of UCD will speak about agricultural ecology, while Prof Tommy Boland of UCD will focus on ruminant nutrition.

The session will be chaired by Germinal’s Dr Mary McEvoy.

The event provides an opportunity to hear some of the research which is ongoing on multispecies swards and their benefits, while also providing an opportunity for questions at the end of the session to address any concerns which people may have.

With a nitrogen fertiliser reduction target of 14% set for 2030 and an opportunity to be rewarded for planting these swards in the new REAP scheme, information will be key to their successful implementation on farm.