A new type of product for the control of liver fluke in sheep and cattle will be available in NI this winter.

Fascionix is an injectable product which is effective against fluke from six weeks of age. The product contains nitroxynil, the same active ingredient that was present in Trodax.

The withdrawal of Trodax from the market in 2021 meant one less active ingredient was available to NI farmers for liver fluke control last winter.

The availability of Fascionix has now changed that and gives farmers more options when dealing with fluke.

On sheep farms, Fascionix is likely to be mainly used as a fluke treatment in mid-winter.

This is because flukicides that are effective against all stages of fluke are usually recommended in the autumn.

When treating cattle, products that do not kill early immature fluke, such as Fascionix, can be administered once, six weeks after housing. Alternatively, two treatments can be given under veterinary advice if cattle have a high fluke burden.

The product has a 60-day withdrawal in cattle and a 49-day withdrawal period for sheep. It is not suitable for lactating animals if milk is intended for human consumption.