Food waste awareness day - Minister highlights collective actions
Rachel Donovan
Wednesday 29 September marks international day of awareness of food loss and waste.
19 September 2022 News
Biomethane, biomass and LNG among options to increase energy security
Many options are on the table to increase Ireland's energy security.
14 September 2022 News
Teagasc energy use up 12.8% in 2021
A draft Decarbonisation Strategy sets out a new carbon emission reduction target of 51% by 2030 for the organisation.
Dempsey at Large: the flexible bovine
Meat and milk production as well as consumption continue to increase, and the world keeps producing enough feed grains to meet this growing demand for animal protein.
24 August 2022 Viewpoints
Grain Trends: market signals see prices ebb and flow
The tug of war between tight production numbers and harvest pressure continues.
17 August 2022 Markets
New fluke product available this winter
On sheep farms, Fascionix is likely to be mainly used as a fluke treatment in mid-winter.
10 August 2022 Northern Ireland
IFA potato report: high temperatures and holidays slow demand
Heat and dryness continue to affect crop yield potential across much of Europe.
10 August 2022 News
Opinion: food consumption needs as much debate as food production
I'm not sure that Sean Sherlock's idea of a Citizen's Assembly is well-timed, but any broad forum on food must look at consumption as well as production.
7 August 2022 Opinion
Opinion: I've never felt so patronised since I started to farm
Dealing with facts at a time of national debate is always a challenge, writes Longford dairy farmer Mike Magan.
2 August 2022 Opinion
Grain Trends: prices recover following Black Sea deal
Markets slipped a bit further following the announcement of the Ukrainian export corridor, but weather issues drive supply concerns once again.
27 July 2022 Markets
IFA potato report: high temperatures hit consumption
Recent higher temperatures have hit consumption in recent weeks, but they have also hit crops in the field.
20 July 2022 Markets
IFA Potato Report: consumption similar to 2019 levels
Trade for new crop remains subdued as maincrop material in stores continues to put pressure on growers who are carrying the burden of increased input costs.
13 July 2022 Markets