Kepak commits to regenerative agriculture practices
Rachel Donovan
Kepak is the only beef processor globally to subscribe to this new framework for regenerative agriculture.
24 September 2023 News
Mercosur beef output increases as EU declines
Latest EU analysis points to more beef from South America while the EU decline will continue in 2024.
8 September 2023 News
Further increase in Brazil’s beef output
A predicted decline in Brazil's cattle numbers next year will mean more beef on the market and exports will also increase.
EPA Twitter storm brews more finger-pointing
Is eating less meat the road to fabulousness? The EPA said so last week, leading to another round of fairly bitter exchanges around the footprint of food production. To what end?
30 August 2023 Dealer
EPA tweet on red meat was intended to ‘share helpful advice’
ICSA president Dermot Kelleher has called on the EPA to clarify if it is comfortable with being involved in “overtly political campaigns”.
28 August 2023 News
Ireland and sustainable agriculture
Despite having one of the most sustainable agriculture systems in the world, Irish farmers will have to reduce emissions irrespctive of implications for output.
23 August 2023 News
Consumers sacrificing beef for holidays - Dawn Meats
The demand for beef could begin to pick up again after children return to school, Dawn Meats' Paul Nolan said.
16 August 2023 News
Export demand for organic beef to ramp up by 2025 – Bord Bia
Confidence of a strong export market for organic produce was voiced by Bord Bia's Emmet Doyle at the energy and farm business show in Gurteen last week.
26 July 2023 News
Beef Trends: factory agents return to mart rings
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including the latest quotes for factory-finished animals.
19 July 2023 Markets
National Milk Agency dips into cash reserves
The State body regulates the supply of milk for liquid consumption in Ireland.
12 July 2023 News
Milk imports steady year on year
Bulk milk imports for processing in the State for liquid consumption amounted to 57m litres, a decrease of 1m litres on the previous year.
12 July 2023 News
Year-round liquid milk supply being ‘undermined’
The National Milk Agency has warned environmental regulations stocking rates will have a 'transformational impact' on the sustainability and profitability of liquid milk.
12 July 2023 News