The information displayed will include the year and method by which the entitlements were established as well as their projected value up to 2019. This new service is accessible 24/7 and provides the most up-to-date information that DAERA holds on a farm’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 entitlement position. The entitlement register for 2018 will also be available soon.

Entitlement transfers

Farmers can also choose to transfer entitlements through sale, gift or lease during the transfer application window announced each year by DAERA. The new online entitlement register service will display the farmer’s entitlement transfer ID, which they will require if they wish to either transfer in or transfer out entitlements in 2018.

Farmers use entitlements to get paid their BPS each year. They are allocated to active farmers but give no automatic right to the payment as they must claim their payment entitlements and declare an equivalent number of eligible hectares yearly. This is done through the single application and maps service on DAERA online services.

Farmers can access the online entitlement register now and the Entitlement Transfer Service (during the transfer application window) by logging into DAERA Online Services.