Northern Ireland
BPS replacement will take time to build
David Wright
NI is set to transition towards a new Farm Sustainability Payment, starting in 2025.
16 June 2023 News
Extra 5,000 farmers transfer entitlements this year
The deadline for farmers to transfer payment entitlements was originally 29 May. However, this was extended by two weeks to 14 June.
14 June 2023 Dealer
Hectares of heartache ahead in ACRES long walk
How many hectares must advisers walk down, before you can say the ACRES scorecards have been completed, as Bob Dylan almost sang? The answer, my friend, is 600,00ha, and by the end of August please.
96% of BISS applicants opt for eco scheme
The high participation rate is likely to see payment rates settle in the region of €63/ha to €64/ha.
31 May 2023 Schemes
Entitlements transfer deadline extended by two weeks
The Department of Agriculture has announced an extension to the deadline for payment entitlement transfers.
23 May 2023 News
Accessing BISS payment information for 2023 to 2027
A statement of entitlements is available on an applicant’s portal and outlines what BISS payment a farmer will receive in each year from 2023 to 2027.
17 May 2023 Schemes
Rental price for two Laois farms hits €600/ac
Declan O’Brien and Kelsey Davy report on land letting prices in Laois and Roscommon.
3 May 2023 News
Roscommon beef farm leased for over €300/ac
The farm near Tulsk attracted almost 20 serious enquiries from potential bidders.
3 May 2023 News
Surge in farmer interest in pre-nuptial agreements
There was strong farmer interest in pre-nuptial agreements at the IFA’s recent Farm Succession meetings in Cork and Carlow. Barry Murphy reports.
26 April 2023 News
Farmer wins €72,728 tax battle with Revenue
The Revenue appeal commissioner found that Revenue was incorrect to issue the demand for the €72,728, as it was outside of the time limits contained in the tax acts. Gordon Deegan reports.
17 April 2023 News