Concern at weight of slurry tankers

In the last few weeks we have received a few calls questioning the current weight limits for tractors and trailers on public roads, and specifically whether those towing large slurry tankers (4,000 gallon and above are now common) are in line with requirements.

The information is currently set out in the Agriculture and the Public Roads booklet available on the UFU website.

At present the maximum laden weight of an agricultural trailer is 18.29t, and the maximum weight of the tractor plus the trailer (laden) or towed appliances is 31.497t. In other words, it is likely that these large slurry tankers would have to be only part filled to be legal on the roads.

Farmers asked to complete deer survey

The potential role of wild deer as carriers of infectious disease such as BVD and IBR, and how this might affect disease control and eradication efforts, is being investigated by Maggie Lyons, a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast.

As part of her research, and to help fill some knowledge gaps, Maggie would like farmers to complete a brief survey relating to their observations of deer on farmland. The survey can be accessed at