Northern Ireland
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Kieran Mailey
News in-brief from across the farming and food industry in Northern Ireland
27 November 2023 News
Four new cases of bluetongue confirmed in England
All four animals will be humanely culled to reduce the risk of onward transmission of the bluetongue virus.
15 November 2023 Northern Ireland
100s of cattle and sheep to be tested for Bluetongue
Livestock farmers in NI are urged to be on high alert, after Bluetongue was confirmed in Britain.
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
15 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Sunak banks on Barclay for DEFRA
Steve Barclay becomes the tenth person to occupy the cabinet seat responsible for farming in the UK.
15 November 2023 Dealer
Britain moves to suspend French cattle imports due to EHD disease
Trade of live ruminants from France is postponed, as they are no longer able to comply with relevant animal health certificates, DEFRA stated.
13 October 2023 News
English government to bring in EID tagging for all cattle
Farmers in England could soon be asked to EID tag all calves to aid a new registration and animal traceability system.
26 September 2023 News
Fatal cattle disease spreading across parts of Europe
Authorities in the UK have warned of the spread of a disease across Europe which could have serious herd health implications for farmers.
16 September 2023 News
Daffodil extract could reduce cattle emissions by 30% - UK study
DEFRA has backed and invested in research which will see cattle fed an additive derived from daffodils to reduce their emissions.
11 July 2023 News