The momentum that is IFJ Junior continues thanks to your input.

We are now confidently replacing Irish Farmers Journal journalists with IFJ Junior reader writers.

So here is the challenge. Can you knock Shane Murphy off the pedigree page with a story about your own animals or deputy news editor Amy Forde off the front page with a new knockout news story? Do you know more about sheep than Darren Carty or more about cows than Aidan Brennan?

We also want your views on everything from the environment to COVID-19 to school to your farming week and how they all affect your life.

Send in your letters to the editor and Farmer Writes columns. If you are up for the challenge, let us know as we can’t do this without you.

There are lots of ways to get in touch. You can contact the editor of Irish Country Living, Amii McKeever, at, log on to or scan the QR code and sign up to get involved in our next issue.

Competition time

In the last junior we asked you to identify a picture and it was way too easy. The answer of course was a rumen.

Winners, your prizes are in the post:

  • Elaine Chestnutt, Co Galway.
  • Conor O’Donovan, Co Cork.
  • Danielle Maguire, Co Cavan.
  • Ben Mahon, Co Laois.
  • Katie Feeney, Co Sligo.
  • For this edition, to win those prizes, you need to answer these three simple questions (the answers are all in the paper, so get reading).

    1. What is germination?

    2. What is an ESF? (clue, you will find one on a pig farm)

    3. What body organ produces milk?

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