Australia – sheepmeat exports up again

Australia’s sheepmeat export volumes are forecast to increase to 528,000 tonnes in 2023–24, 5% up from 502,000t in 2022-23 (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences).

USA – Tyson to remove truck drivers

Tyson Foods has announced that it will introduce Gatik trucks equipped with commercial-grade autonomous technology to replace drivers on predetermined short-haul repeated routes between company sites.

Brazil – ethanol production up

USDA forecasts that ethanol production in Brazil this year will be 32.95bn litres, up 7% on 2022 due to an expected increase in sugar cane production.

Ukraine – rapeseed harvest

Ukraine’s record 4m tonnes rapeseed harvest has led to a surge in supplies to the EU and failure by rapeseed markets to respond to rising crude oil prices.