More bad news on diesel price outlook
Lorcan Roche Kelly
Why the ambitions of a Saudi prince mean fuel prices are not dropping more.
NI roundup: NIMEA and UFU musical chairs and cost of Ulster Fry
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3 April 2023 News
Surprise OPEC move means diesel unlikely to get much cheaper
Oil-producing cartel members announced cut in production
Green diesel prices stable at just over €1/l
Over the course of the past month, brent crude oil has fluctuated from $79-86/barrel, equating to a current green diesel price of €1.01/l to €1.05/l (VAT inclusive) across the country.
15 March 2023 News
Big range in quotes for red diesel
Price quotes for red diesel vary and farmers are advised to price around for the best value.
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland
All signs point to a jump in diesel prices in February
A worsening diesel supply problem and excise duty return to drive prices.
25 January 2023 News
BP completes $4.1bn purchase of leading US biogas company
Archaea operates 50 biogas projects across the US, with a further 80 projects in the pipeline.
5 January 2023 News
A lot of drama to get nowhere
2022's massive year in energy markets ends on a quiet note.
1 January 2023 News