For the second month in a row, there has been an across the board price freeze from all milk processors.

This means that base prices in July are the same as those paid in May, with April being the last month that any processor altered its starting price.

The last time that base prices were unaltered over a three month period was spring 2017. Back then, base prices across all processors averaged 25.84p/l, compared to 29.32p/l for last month.

For a 1m litre producer, Table B outlines monthly milk prices for each processor, calculated at three different milk qualities outlined in Table 1 on the opposite page.

On good-quality milk, the July average price across all processors is 31.59p/l, marginally lower than the 31.67p/l recorded for June.

Glanbia Ireland tops the table on 32.07p/l and at the outlined milk quality, it is the only processor to pay more than 32p/l. For the second month in a row, Aurivo edges out Lakeland Dairies for the third spot. Dale Farm is in fifth, with Glanbia Cheese and Strathroy rounding out the table.

Average quality

For average-quality milk, the price across all processors averages 30.69p/l for July, a rise of 0.1p/l on the previous month due to higher butterfat and protein.

There are no positional changes compared to the previous month. Glanbia Ireland remains in first place on 31.1p/l, followed by Glanbia Cheese in third place.

Rolling average

Moving to the 12 month rolling average prices paid by each processor for the period ending July 2021, prices continue to rise each month, reflecting the increase in milk price since last autumn.

On good-quality milk across all processors, the 12 month average is 30.94p/l, a rise of 0.49p/l on the previous month.

Lakeland tops the table on 31.29/l, with Glanbia Ireland in second. Glanbia Cheese remains in fourth, with Dale Farm placing fifth. Aurivo slips one spot to sixth.

On average-quality milk, Glanbia Ireland again remains out in front and has now topped this table for 20 months.

All other positions are unchanged, with Glanbia Cheese in third, followed by Lakeland, Dale Farm, Aurivo and Strathroy.

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