Former European commissioner for agriculture Franz Fischler says the midterm review of the CAP strategic plan 2023-2027, scheduled to take place in 2025, will be an important opportunity for farmer input if alterations are required.

Fischler, who was Agriculture Commissioner in Brussels from 1995 to 2004, said he’s a “believer in midterm reviews” and called on policy makers and farm organisations to “think about what way a midterm review of the CAP could be used”.

The Austrian politician was speaking on the impact of the CAP plan and concerns it will curtail European food production at the Irish Farmers Journal Future of Europe conference on Friday.

‘Time we move on’

Speaking alongside Fischler, IFA president Tim Cullinan also focused on the importance of a midterm review of the CAP strategic plan.

He highlighted that “economically, [the CAP] is going to leave a cohort of farmers behind” and described examples of the impact on the suckler, sheep and tillage sectors.

However, on the CAP plan as is, which is undergoing review by the European Commission, Cullinan said: “It’s time to move on now, and you know there is an agreement in place and the CAP strategic plan is being approved by the Commission as we speak.”

In 2025, the Commission will undertake a first performance review of each CAP strategic plan and request – if necessary – specific follow-up actions to EU countries.

In 2026, an interim performance evaluation of the CAP will also occur, according to the Commission.