Up to €2.25m worth of beef is unable to leave the Dawn Meats Charleville due to continuing blockades.

Dawn Meats has said that the blockade is being formed by “10 non-beef farmers engaged in illegal blockades”.

The latest statement from Dawn follows news of further lay-offs at ABP Cahir.

Brokered deal

A deal was brokered last weekend in a bid to end almost eight weeks of beef protests, but some protesters have refused to accept the deal, with continuing blockades in place.

Dawn Meats says that international contracts are at risk due to the protest.

“International beef customers are completely frustrated that for a second week in a row they will receive no Irish product and have had to source South American beef to meet their requirements,” Dawn said.

“The criminal actions of a small group of non-beef farmers are effectively directing international customers to South American beef as a permanent alternative to Irish beef.

“This would be a disaster for the area and for beef farmers.”

Bales set alight

Charleville Fire Brigade told the Irish Farmers Journal that on Thursday nigth it responded to two incidents of bales on fire near Dawn Meats.

"The first call was received at 23:10 and the second was received shortly after midnight at 00:02. Both fires were extinguished promptly," a spokesperson for the fire brigade said.

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