With an aptitude for science and a desire not to be a lab-based worker, Katherine Condon found her career path while on a final-year college visit to the world renowned Irish Distillers in Midleton. Graduating from University College Cork (UCC) with a degree in chemical engineering in 2014, Condon joined Irish Distillers as part of the graduate distillers programme. The west Cork woman hit the ground running and has recently been appointed to the prestigious position of distiller, reporting to master distiller Kevin O’Gorman at Midleton Distillery.

Prior to rising through the ranks, her early years on the east Cork site coincided with the company establishing a micro distillery and Katherine was involved in the development of this from the early stages. Describing it she said: “The micro distillery is a fantastic place because it’s our innovation and our experimentation hub. It allows us to push the boundaries of Irish whiskey, question it and think outside the box.”