UCC farmer wins Global Student Entrepreneur Awards
Rachel Donovan
The student has been awarded $40,000 in prize money to invest back into his business.
23 June 2022 News
Crop gene editing: is Europe lagging behind?
Scientists at a University College Cork symposium on the use of gene editing in agriculture criticised the EU for its lack of ambition on the matter.
20 April 2022 Features
Talking rugby, relief milking and research with the McCarthy twins
Co Clare twins Kate and Siobhán McCarthy talk to Anne O’Donoghue about rugby, relief milking and their research PhDs .
Agriculture committee to be advised to adopt gene editing
The Oireachtas agriculture committee will be advised by scientists to allow Irish plant breeders to use gene editing technologies to improve yields and reduce the need for sprays.
8 March 2022 News
New head of Teagasc animal and grassland programme appointed
Dr Laurence Shalloo has previously worked on developing the EBI, pasture profit index, PastureBase Ireland and the national carbon audit system used on Irish dairy farms.
2 March 2022 News
On-farm training for UCC’s new dairy degree
Aidan Brennan catches up with UCC agricultural science students Hannah Dinan and Liam Wall to see how their on-farm experience is progressing.
16 February 2022 Grass & feeding