Tillage Podcast: farming for Dyson, Irish crop returns and awards
Siobhán Walsh
This week’s Tillage Podcast features the head of agronomy of a 35,000ac farm, undesirable figures on Irish tillage farming and some good news on whiskey.
20 December 2023 News
Try these Irish drinks if you plan to whet your whistle this Christmas
Holiday drinks come in all shapes and sizes - here is a round up of some of our favourites for the 2023 Christmas season.
30 November 2023 Breeding & health
In pictures: top 10 bulls on ICBF terminal list
Adam Woods takes a look at the new top 10 list on the ICBF terminal index.
If Irish beef PGI could follow Irish whiskey lead . . .
It is a very different product and market, but the success of Irish whiskey in export markets could inspire a PGI grass fed beef brand.
26 November 2023 News
Work starts when beef PGI secured
No further obstacles to a PGI for grass-fed Irish beef, but real work has yet to come.
22 November 2023 News
Farm to glass: Waterford's Curraghmore Whiskey
Curraghmore CEO Richard de la Poer Beresford and head of tillage Ned Morrissey are working together to create a single estate Irish pot still whiskey in a truly circular fashion, writesJanine Kennedy.
15 November 2023 News
Tillage podcast: Talking to farmers with unharvested crops
Farmers in Co Cork share their stories this week and show the Irish Farmers Journal unharvested crops of spring barley and oats.
26 October 2023 News
Southeast set for 'game changer' brewing and distilling hub
The new National Centre for Brewing and Distilling is based in Teagasc Oak Park, Co Carlow.
26 October 2023 News
The future of Irish whiskey will be secured by farms
Irish whiskey has to compete on the world market and to do that, it needs to have an edge. Irish grain can be that edge.
25 October 2023 News
Investigating the right and the wrong variety for alcohol production
The new research centre will bring grain from trials in the field and allow grain to be tested for malting, brewing and distilling characteristics.
25 October 2023 News
Searching for flavour from barley’s past
Waterford Distillery is always trying to make its whiskey unique. Searching for heritage varieties is one way of doing this.
22 October 2023 News