First 100%-Irish rye whiskey launched
Siobhán Walsh
This is good news for Irish grain. The product will be available from 20 February.
24 January 2023 News
Could wheat replace maize in whiskey distilleries?
There is another year of data to be added to this research, which is showing promising results for the use of Irish wheat in whiskey production.
22 January 2023 News
Protected geographical indication for beef expected soon
Getting approval for an Irish grass-fed PGI is just the first step on the journey to build a brand for Irish beef.
Opinion: increasing tillage area is not simple, but would be positive
The Climate Action Plan is targeting an increase in tillage and horticultural area to help to reduce emissions from agriculture.
28 December 2022 News
First carbon-neutral organic whiskey distillery to be built
The distillery will use barley and oats grown on Curraghmore Estate where the distillery and visitor centre will be built.
30 October 2022 News