The market for silage and hay remains subdued, with reports indicating demand for fodder is at a low level and deals are typically confined to small volumes being traded. Prices for 4 x 4 round bales of silage are averaging in the region of €18 to €20 per round bale across the country.

There is more variability in price entering the trade and this is generally being driven by farmers with high volumes of average-quality silage or last year’s supplies keen to trade.

There are some farmers with a large surplus of bales willing to do deals at €16 to €18 per bale.

This is typically where large numbers are traded and payment is up front.

At the bottom of the market, there are prices as low as €14 to €15 reported for average-quality 2019-saved silage, but it should be pointed out that volumes moving at this low of a price are small.

Top-quality silage with a guaranteed high dry matter digestibility test result is trading in the region of €22 to €24, with some farmers said to be now keen to tie into deals to save their own silage, given that fertiliser prices are on the increase.

In contrast, some farmers, who may run short of feed if weather conditions remain unfavourable, are under less pressure to conduct deals and are delaying buying due to the high levels available in the market.

Hay trade

The general price quoted for a 4 x 4 round bale is €25 for medium to good-quality hay, falling back to €20 for poorer quality hay.

There are some prices being reported at €28 to €30 per bale for top-quality green hay or hay suitable for feeding to horses.

But again, the level of trade being conducted is said to be low.